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Ministry of Sound

In 1991, Jamie Palumbo opened his first Ministry of Sound 'super club' in South London. Over the next fifteen years, the MoS brand has grown into a multinational franchise with dance clubs throughout Asia and Europe. In the mid-1990s, *Ministry of Sound* launched its record label which featured Trance and House music compilations, DJ mixes and artists.

Referred to as the United Kingdom's largest independent label, *MoS* has further diversified its operation via launching satellite / internet radio stations and selling DRM-free downloads on their websites. At the turn of the millennium, Ministry of Sound Australia Ltd and Ministry of Sound Germany GmbH were established. The German branch became independent from the UK headquarters in 2007 and changed its name to Embassy of Music three years later. In August 2016, *Ministry of Sound* was acquired by Sony Music Entertainment UK.

In the United States, *Ministry of Sound* non-import releases were relabeled and distributed through Ultra Records, while in Spain they were released through Blanco y Negro.


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