Originally founded by Alex Yusimov in 2003, Mississippi is a renowned music label that has made its mark in the industry. With Eric Isaacson at the helm in Portland, Oregon and Warren Hill in Montreal, Canada, the label gained recognition from MR-005 onwards. In 2011, it split into two entities - Lost Train Records and Mississippi/Little Axe Records (now known as just Mississippi).

Mississippi is primarily known for its affordable vinyl reissues that cater to fans of Americana, international music, and punk genres. The label's dedication to preserving and reintroducing classic releases ensures that music enthusiasts can enjoy timeless sounds with exceptional quality.

With an impressive catalog of *artists* and performers associated with the label over the years, Mississippi continues to captivate listeners worldwide. Whether you're a collector or simply appreciate great music, explore their collection of reissued vinyl records for an unparalleled listening experience.


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