Mobile Fidelity

Established in 1977, Mobile Fidelity (MFSL) is a renowned label specializing in remastering major-label music for the discerning "audiophile" market. With CD releases starting in 1984, MFSL has become synonymous with high-quality sound reproduction.

Known for their meticulous attention to detail, MFSL releases often feature unchanged copyright dates from the original release. However, most of their releases are issued a year or so later. The first Gold Ultradisc™ CD was introduced in February 1987, followed by the Gold Ultradisc II™ (Made in USA) CD in September 1992.

MFSL takes pride in their branded labels and ensures that all their releases are remastered by their own Sound Labs. Their catalog of releases can be found on the "Sites" section. Notably, limited editions were prevalent during the label's early years and featured an information sticker on the shrink wrap. Additionally, numbered retail copies often had corresponding unnumbered promotional versions.


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