Needle Mythology

Needle Mythology is a music label owned by Peter Paphides, a renowned figure in the industry. With an impressive track record and vast knowledge of music, Needle Mythology aims to bring exceptional and diverse musical experiences to its audience. From reissuing classic albums to discovering new talents, this label showcases a wide range of genres and artists. With an authoritative voice, Needle Mythology continues to shape the music landscape with its unique offerings.

Founded by Peter Paphides, Needle Mythology is a music label that strives to provide an extraordinary musical journey for its listeners. With a passion for preserving timeless classics and unearthing hidden gems, this label curates an eclectic collection of albums from various genres. Whether it's rediscovering long-forgotten masterpieces or introducing fresh talent, Needle Mythology ensures that every release leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

Peter Paphides' expertise in the music industry shines through Needle Mythology's carefully curated selection of releases. By combining his extensive knowledge with a deep appreciation for all types of music, he brings forth remarkable albums that resonate with both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike. As you explore the diverse catalog offered by Needle Mythology, prepare to embark on a captivating musical journey like no other.


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