New Heavy Sounds

New Heavy Sounds is a music label specializing in stoner rock, doom metal, and sludge metal genres. With a passion for heavy and powerful sounds, we strive to bring the best of these genres to music lovers around the world.

Our label represents a diverse roster of talented artists who push the boundaries of *stoner rock*, *doom metal*, and *sludge metal*. From bone-crushing riffs to hypnotic grooves, our artists create music that resonates with fans seeking an intense sonic experience.

At New Heavy Sounds, we are committed to supporting emerging talent as well as established acts within these genres. We work closely with our artists to ensure their creative vision is fully realized and their music reaches its intended audience. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to this style of music, our label offers an array of releases that will satisfy your cravings for heavy, raw energy.


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New Heavy Sounds


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