Nonesuch is a US record label that was created in 1964 as a budget label for classical releases. It eventually expanded to include adventurous music from around the globe and world-premiere recordings of contemporary composers. Nonesuch has gone through various ownership changes over the years, including being acquired by Warner Communications in 1970 and becoming a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records in 2004.

Under the leadership of Jac Holzman, Nonesuch was established as a budget label for classical releases licensed from large record companies in Britain and France. Designed by Bill Harvey, the packaging emphasized affordability with releases marketed as "Recordings at the Price of a Quality Paperback."

In 1970, Nonesuch became part of Warner Communications (Kinney/WEA) and continued to release music under its own name along with other Elektra-based labels like Elektra and Asylum Records. The merger between Elektra and Atlantic labels in 2004 resulted in Nonesuch becoming a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records within the Warner Music Group.


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Album artwork for A Ghost Is Born by Wilco

A Ghost Is Born


£14.99 - £34.99

Album artwork for Sky Blue Sky by Wilco

Sky Blue Sky


£15.99 - £39.99

Album artwork for Turn Blue by The Black Keys

Turn Blue

The Black Keys

£14.99 - £44.99

Album artwork for Delta Kream by The Black Keys

Delta Kream

The Black Keys

£14.99 - £37.99

Album artwork for Get on Board by Ry Cooder

Get on Board

Ry Cooder

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Sam Amidon by Sam Amidon

Sam Amidon

Sam Amidon

£14.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes


Fleet Foxes

£5.83 - £39.99

Album artwork for Cloudward by Mary Halvorson


Mary Halvorson

£14.99 - £32.99