Numbers is a well-established music label that was formed in 2010 when Wireblock, Stuffrecords, and Dress 2 Sweat joined forces. Originally known for promoting events and mixes, Numbers has since become a powerhouse in the music industry. Their diverse music policy encompasses genres ranging from techno to hip-hop, 80s R&B screamers to house, electro to UK funky, and dubstep. With an impressive roster of artists including Modeselektor, Kode9, Actress, Untold, Joker, Hud Mo and Rustie among others, Numbers continues to push boundaries and create unforgettable party experiences.

At Numbers, they believe that any genre can make a party as long as it's programmed in the right order. Their passion for exciting and innovative music shines through in their carefully curated releases. Drawing inspiration from founding influences such as Dopplereffekt, Smith N Hack,Ghostface Killah,Autechre,Lory D,and Squarepusher,the label constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible within electronic music.

With a reputation for discovering groundbreaking talent and consistently delivering high-quality releases,Nnumbers has become synonymous with cutting-edge sounds. Whether you're a fan of techno or hip-hop,dubstep or UK funky,you're sure to find something that excites you on their impressive roster.Their commitment to pushing musical boundaries makes them one of the most influential labels in the industry today.


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