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Octopus is a UK-based music label founded and owned by John Grandorge and Richard Elliot. With a passion for discovering and promoting talented artists, Octopus has become a leading force in the music industry. Known for their diverse roster of *artists* spanning various genres, Octopus strives to bring unique and captivating sounds to music lovers worldwide.

Since its inception, Octopus has been committed to providing exceptional support and guidance to their *performers*. With an experienced team behind them, the label ensures that each artist receives the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive in their musical journey.

With a reputation for quality releases, Octopus continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional norms within the industry. Their dedication to innovation has led them to collaborate with some of the most exciting talents in contemporary music. Whether you're a fan of electronic beats or soulful melodies, Octopus offers an extensive catalogue that caters to all musical tastes.


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