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Oh Boy Records

Oh Boy Records is an independent American record label founded in 1981 by singer John Prine, his manager Al Bunetta, and their friend Dan Einstein. The label has released over 40 audio and video recordings by singer-songwriters such as John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel "Slick" Ballinger, Shawn Camp, Dan Reeder, and Todd Snider. They have also reissued classic country music artists' albums. Oh Boy Records manages two subsidiary labels: Steve Goodman's Red Pajamas Records and specialty label Blue Plate Music. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Oh Boy Records continues to be a prominent force in the music industry.

In March 2015, John Prine took over sole ownership of his independent record label after the passing of his longtime business partner and manager Al Bunetta. He now assumes the role of President at Oh Boy Records.

If you're looking for authentic singer-songwriter music with a touch of classic country vibes, Oh Boy Records is your go-to destination. With an impressive roster of talented artists and a commitment to preserving the essence of true Americana music, this independent label has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Explore their extensive catalog today!


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Oh Boy Records


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