Profound Lore Records

Profound Lore Records is a Canadian independent record label that specializes in extreme metal. With a focus on showcasing the most innovative and boundary-pushing artists in the genre, *Profound Lore* has become synonymous with quality and excellence. Founded by Chris Bruni in 2004, the label has since established itself as a leading force within the metal community.

Known for its diverse roster of talented musicians, *Profound Lore* has released albums from some of the most influential names in extreme metal, including *Leviathan*, *Wolves In The Throne Room*, and *Pallbearer*. The label's commitment to supporting underground talent has earned it a reputation as an authority within the genre.

With a dedication to both artistic integrity and sonic exploration, *Profound Lore* continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions. By providing a platform for unique voices within extreme metal, the label remains at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Discover your new favorite band or support your long-time favorites by exploring *Profound Lore's* impressive catalog of releases.


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Profound Lore Records


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