Psychic Hotline

Psychic Hotline is an artist-run label based in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded by members of the renowned band Sylvan Esso, *a2332827* and *a2035688*, along with their longtime manager, *a8165394*. With a passion for music and a commitment to supporting emerging artists, Psychic Hotline has quickly become a prominent force in the music industry.

As an artist-run label, Psychic Hotline understands the unique needs and challenges faced by musicians. They provide a supportive and collaborative environment where artists can freely express themselves and explore their creative potential. By working closely with each artist, they ensure that every release reflects the artist's vision while also meeting the highest standards of quality.

With its strong connections to the vibrant music scene in Durham, Psychic Hotline has cultivated a diverse roster of talented artists across various genres. From indie rock to electronic pop, their lineup showcases the best of what North Carolina has to offer. Through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing strategies, Psychic Hotline strives to elevate its artists' careers and help them reach new audiences worldwide.


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