Welcome to Relapse, an American metal, hardcore/punk and experimental label founded by Matthew F. Jacobson. With a diverse range of styles including death metal, grindcore, metalcore, sludge, industrial, post-rock, synthwave, and black metal among others, we are dedicated to bringing you the best in heavy music.

Our label has a rich history with previous sublabels such as Release Entertainment and Desolation House that focused on ambient/dark ambient genres. We also have exciting series like Cult Classic and Relapse Singles Series that showcase exceptional talent from our roster.

Since 2016, all our new vinyl releases and reissues come with stickers featuring a unique 7 character code in the format LPXXXXR. This code is used as a stock keeping unit (SKU) to differentiate vinyl color variants. Please note that this code should not be confused with the actual catalog number which starts with RR.


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