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Rumi Sounds

Rumi Sounds is a vinyl label named after the poet and sufi mystic Rumi. With a focus on the journey of music, this independent label based in Berlin publishes manifold genres, tracing rhythm and melodies as they cross borders. They strive to unearth hidden gems along this path and promote new musicians involved in this wayfaring.

Founded in 2021 under the record store Lefter Records in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, Rumi Sounds is dedicated to showcasing *artists* who refuse categorization and are passionate about exploring the diverse world of music. The label seeks to capture the essence of musical expression by embracing different cultures and traditions.

As an avid supporter of vinyl records, Rumi Sounds believes in preserving the authenticity and richness of sound that only analog recordings can provide. By publishing their releases on vinyl, they aim to create a tangible connection between listeners and *performers*, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the artistry behind each track.


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Rumi Sounds


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