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Signature Sounds

Welcome to Signature Sounds, an independent American label based in Northampton, MA. Founded in 1993 by Jim Olsen and Mark Thayer as Signature Sounds Recording Company, the label has been a prominent force in the music industry for over two decades. With a focus on showcasing talented artists and providing high-quality recordings, Signature Sounds has become a trusted name in the world of music.

Originally known as Signature Sounds Recording Company from 1993 to 1997, the label underwent a transformation and became simply known as Signature Sounds. Throughout its history, the label has released albums under different logos and catalog numbers, such as SSRC and SIG. This evolution reflects our commitment to growth and innovation while staying true to our roots.

At Signature Sounds, we pride ourselves on discovering exceptional talent across various genres. Our diverse roster includes both established musicians and emerging artists who bring their unique sound to the forefront. Whether you're a fan of folk, Americana, or indie rock, you'll find something special within our carefully curated collection of releases.


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