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Soul Jazz

Soul Jazz is a British jazz/funk/soul/reggae label that has become synonymous with quality music. Founded by Stuart Baker, it is closely associated with the iconic record shop The Sound of the Universe in Soho, London. Specializing in re-releasing music from around the world, Soul Jazz meticulously remasters each compilation to ensure high-quality sound. Vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate their extensive collection, which includes both new recordings and classic 12" singles. Keep an eye out for their diverse range of printed record labels on these releases, such as *Soul And Jazz Musical Industries*, *ENT.*, *Soul Jazz Records Co.*, or even the original record label name.

With its distinctive label code LC 2678 / LC 02678, Soul Jazz has established itself as a trusted source for discovering global musical treasures. Whether you're a jazz aficionado or soulful reggae enthusiast, this label offers something for everyone's taste.

Explore the captivating sounds curated by Soul Jazz and immerse yourself in a world of rhythm and melody that transcends borders and eras.


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Soul Jazz


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Album artwork for Cold Wave 1 by Various

Cold Wave 1


£14.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Studio One Lovers by Various

Studio One Lovers


£13.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Studio One Groups by Various

Studio One Groups


£11.99 - £31.99

Album artwork for Studio One DJ's by Various

Studio One DJ's


£12.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Time Capsule by Chris Bowden

Time Capsule

Chris Bowden

£14.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Brasil by Various



£14.99 - £25.99

Album artwork for Samba De Flora by Airto

Samba De Flora


£14.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Ohms by Trees Speak


Trees Speak

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for PostHuman by Trees Speak


Trees Speak

£12.99 - £27.99