Stolen Body Records

Stolen Body Records is an independent record label based in Bristol, UK. Specializing in garage and psych music, the label is known for its diverse roster of talented artists. Founded by Alex Studer, Stolen Body Records has quickly gained a reputation for releasing high-quality music that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions.

With a focus on supporting emerging talent, Stolen Body Records provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their unique sound. The label's dedication to fostering creativity and innovation has led to the discovery of some of the most exciting acts in the underground music scene.

Whether you're a fan of *garage rock*, *psychedelic pop*, or anything in between, Stolen Body Records offers a wide range of musical styles to suit every taste. From catchy hooks to mind-bending sonic landscapes, each release from this esteemed label promises an immersive listening experience.


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Stolen Body Records


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