Strap Originals

Strap Originals is a standalone independent label devoted to signing new, original artists and allowing them the freedom to evolve and take creative control over their own work. Owned by [a219403] and his manager [a7131960], this label is committed to supporting emerging talent in the music industry.

At Strap Originals, we believe in nurturing artists' unique voices and providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity. We understand that true artistry comes from within, which is why we prioritize giving our artists the freedom to express themselves authentically.

With a focus on innovation and artistic growth, Strap Originals strives to create an environment where artists can flourish. By championing originality and encouraging experimentation, we aim to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a successful artist in today's ever-changing music landscape.


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Strap Originals


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