Three Lobed Recordings

Three Lobed Recordings is an American label that has been at the forefront of independent music since its inception. With a focus on experimental and avant-garde sounds, Three Lobed Recordings has consistently released groundbreaking albums that push the boundaries of what is considered traditional music.

The label prides itself on working with *innovative* artists who are unafraid to take risks and explore new sonic territories. From *solo performers* to *collaborative projects*, Three Lobed Recordings showcases a diverse range of talent that spans genres and defies categorization.

With a commitment to quality, each release from Three Lobed Recordings is meticulously crafted, both in terms of musical composition and physical presentation. The label's attention to detail extends beyond the music itself, as they strive to create visually stunning album artwork and packaging that complements the sonic experience.


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Three Lobed Recordings


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