Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is a US label that was established in 1981 by Tom Silverman. It quickly gained success with the release of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force's revolutionary debut single, "Planet Rock." This marked the beginning of Tommy Boy's influence on the genre-defining house music. As one of hip-hop's pioneering labels, Tommy Boy and its roster of artists played a significant role in bringing urban street culture to mainstream audiences. With numerous high-charting crossover hits, the label has earned almost 80 gold and platinum certifications.

In 1985, Warner Bros. Records acquired 50% ownership of Tommy Boy and appointed Tom Silverman and Monica Lynch as vice presidents. However, instead of using Warner Bros.' distribution channels, Tommy Boy opted for independent distribution. Five years later, Warner Bros. acquired the remaining 50% stake in the label.

In 1995, due to controversy surrounding Warner Music's gangsta artists, Tom Silverman repurchased half of his label. Then in February 2002, he bought back the remaining half from Warner Music to make Tommy Boy an independent entity once again. As part of this split, Warner Music obtained ownership rights to contracts with artists signed under Tommy Boy and became owner of all master recordings released by the label until that point.


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