Viking is an independent New Zealand label that was formed in 1957 by Murdoch Riley, Jim Staples, and Ron Dalton. It has a rich history of releasing hundreds of albums in various genres including Pop, Classical, Maori, and Jazz. Although now primarily operating as a low-key book publisher in Wellington, Viking continues to be owned by the Riley family. Over the years, Jim Staples departed in the early 1960s followed by Ron Dalton in 1968.

Since its inception, Viking has been dedicated to showcasing diverse musical talents and providing a platform for artists across different genres. With their extensive catalog of releases spanning several decades, they have made significant contributions to the music industry in New Zealand.

Today, while focusing on their role as a book publisher based in Wellington, Viking remains committed to preserving their legacy as a pioneering label that nurtured talent and brought exceptional music to audiences nationwide.


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