Xtra Mile

Xtra Mile is a record label based in London, UK. Founded by Charlie Caplowe in 2003, the label has become known for its diverse roster of talented artists and performers.

With a focus on supporting independent music, Xtra Mile has cultivated a reputation for releasing high-quality albums across various genres including rock, folk, punk, and indie. The label prides itself on providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their unique sound and connect with fans around the world.

From *Frank Turner* to *Against Me!*, Xtra Mile has worked with some of the most influential acts in the industry. Their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creativity has earned them recognition as one of the leading independent labels in the UK music scene.


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Xtra Mile


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Album artwork for Undefeated by Frank Turner


Frank Turner

£11.99 - £21.99

Album artwork for Shanty Punk by Skinny Lister

Shanty Punk

Skinny Lister

£14.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Non Canon by Non Canon

Non Canon

Non Canon

£14.99 - £19.99

Album artwork for La La La by Johnny Lloyd

La La La

Johnny Lloyd

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Non Canon II by Non Canon

Non Canon II

Non Canon

£14.99 - £19.99

Album artwork for Famous Graves by Cheap Girls

Famous Graves

Cheap Girls

£12.99 - £14.99