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ZZK Records

ZZK Records is a homegrown record label and artist collective that emerged from the Zizek Club nights in Buenos Aires. Founded in 2008 by Texan Grant C. Dull, this label has become synonymous with "digital Cumbia" and Reggaeton. Led by Guillermo Canale & Diego Bulacio, ZZK Records showcases a diverse range of talented artists who are pushing boundaries and redefining Latin American music.

With its finger on the pulse of the underground music scene, ZZK Records has established itself as a leading force in the industry. The label's commitment to innovation and artistic expression is evident in every release. From *Cumbia Digital* to *Reggaeton*, their catalog represents a fusion of traditional Latin rhythms with contemporary electronic sounds.

Under the guidance of CEO Andrew Herrera, ZZK Records continues to nurture emerging talent while also collaborating with established artists. Their dedication to promoting cultural diversity and celebrating Latin American heritage sets them apart from other labels. Whether you're a fan of *Tremor*, *Chancha Via Circuito*, or any other artist on their roster, you can expect nothing but exceptional music from ZZK Records.


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ZZK Records


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