1349 is a Norwegian black metal band that was formed in 1994. The band initially started as Hofdingi Myrkra with Ravn on drums and vocals, and Seidemann on bass and guitar. They soon recruited Tjalve and Balfori from Alvhiem, but Balfori left shortly after joining. After the release of their first demo "Chaos Preferred," Archaon joined the band on guitar.

Their music is characterized by its raw and fast black metal sound. Their debut album, "Liberation," was released in 2003 and showcased their technicality and speed. Frost joined them as a session drummer for this album. In 2004, they released "Beyond the Apocalypse." The name of the band, 1349, represents the year when their homeland was devastated by the Black Death.

"Our *Black Metal* is like the plague in many ways. It is grim and dark, like the ages that followed the plague. It is merciless and extreme, harboring no affection for anyone." - Seidemann


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