14 Iced Bears

14 Iced Bears, formed in Brighton in mid-1985, is an influential indie pop band. The original lineup consisted of Rob Sekula on vocals and guitar, Alan White on bass, and Nick Emery on drums. After White's departure, Dominic Minques took over on bass and Kevin Canham joined as rhythm guitarist. Despite ongoing roster changes, the band found stability with their self-titled debut album released in 1988 under Thunderball Records.

Throughout their career, 14 Iced Bears experienced several disbandments but also reunions for tours across the United States, United Kingdom, and France. Their music is often associated with other notable bands from the indie pop scene such as Even As We Speak, Razorcuts, Brighter, Another Sunny Day, and The Orchids.

Despite their relatively short time together as a band (disbanding in 1991), 14 Iced Bears left a lasting impact on the indie pop genre. With their melodic soundscapes and introspective lyrics combined with energetic performances, they continue to be celebrated by fans of alternative music.


14 Iced Bears
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