Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple is a Japanese psychedelic rock band that was founded in 1995 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective. Led by Kawabata Makoto, the band describes themselves as "a freak-out group for the 21st century." Their lineup is constantly changing, with current members including Makoto Kawabata on guitars and electronics, Hiroshi Higashi on synthesizer and vocals, Nani Satoshima on drums, and Jyonson Tsu on guitar and vocals.

The band's visual credits often go to Kawabata Sachiko, Sachiko Ichikawa, and Elf. They are known for their underground freak out style of music. Throughout their history, Acid Mothers Temple has had various former members who have contributed to their unique sound.

Some notable former members include Cotton Casino (Tomoko Kajino) on synthesizer and vocals from 1995-2004 (with occasional guest appearances since 2012), Hajime Koizumi (Sleeping Monk) on drums from 1995-2001 and sporadically in other years, Takahashi Atsuki on drums from 1995-1997, Suzuki Chisen on vocals from 1995-2000, Ishida Yoko (Cheesecake) on violin and photography from 1995-2001, Mano Kazuhiko on saxophone from 1995-2001, Keizo S


Acid Mothers Temple
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