Michael Golding and Steve Rutter have been instrumental in shaping the UK's intelligent techno and early electronica scene. As founders of B12 Records, they not only released their own original material but also provided a platform for other talented artists such as Stasis and As One. In 1998, their album *Time Tourist* was released on Warp, garnering critical acclaim. Following this success, the duo took a hiatus from the public eye until 2007 when they returned with a flurry of new releases.

B12's unique sound combines intricate melodies with pulsating beats, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Their music seamlessly blends elements of techno, ambient, and electronica to create a truly distinctive sonic landscape.

With their contributions to the electronic music scene spanning over three decades, B12 continues to push boundaries and inspire future generations of artists. Their dedication to innovation and their ability to evolve with the ever-changing musical landscape solidify them as pioneers in the genre.


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