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Bad Brains

Bad Brains is an American Hardcore Punk band that was formed in Washington, D.C. in 1977. Originally known as Mind Power, the band started out as a jazz fusion ensemble before transitioning into punk rock. Known for their unique sound, Bad Brains also incorporated reggae and dub tracks into their music, along with elements of funk, heavy metal, and hip hop.

The classic line-up of Bad Brains consisted of H.R. (Paul D. Hudson) on lead vocals and guitar, Dr. Know (Gary Miller) on guitar, Darryl Jenifer on bass, and Earl Hudson on drums and percussion. However, throughout their career, the band experienced several lineup changes with different musicians replacing H.R. and Earl Hudson at various times.

Despite the challenges faced by the original members breaking up multiple times over the years, Bad Brains has continued to make music since their formation in 1977. Their influential style has left a lasting impact on the hardcore punk genre.


Bad Brains
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