Ben Folds Five

An American alternative and piano rock trio, Ben Folds Five was formed in 1993 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The band consists of Ben Folds on vocals and piano, Robert Sledge on bass guitar, and Darren Jessee on drums. They were active from 1993 to 2000 before reuniting in 2008.

Their unique blend of alternative rock and piano-driven melodies set them apart from their contemporaries. Drawing inspiration from various genres such as pop, jazz, and punk, Ben Folds Five created a distinct sound that resonated with fans worldwide.

Influenced by artists like Guster, Harvey Danger, and They Might Be Giants among others; their music combines catchy hooks with introspective lyrics. With hits like "Brick" and "Song for the Dumped," they gained a dedicated following throughout their career.


Ben Folds Five
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