Black Breath

Black Breath is a metal band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 2006, this group has been delivering intense and powerful music to fans all over the world. Drawing inspiration from various subgenres of metal, their sound combines elements of thrash, punk, and death metal.

With a discography that includes albums like *Heavy Breathing* and *Sentenced to Life*, Black Breath has solidified their place in the metal scene. Their music is characterized by aggressive riffs, blistering solos, and raw vocals that perfectly capture the energy and intensity of their live performances.

If you enjoy bands such as *All Pigs Must Die*, *Cursed*, or *Mammoth Grinder*, then Black Breath is sure to be right up your alley. With influences ranging from hardcore punk to classic heavy metal, they have created a unique sound that appeals to fans across different genres within the metal community.


Black Breath
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