Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer is a U.S. American rock band that was established in 1966 in San Francisco. They are widely regarded as the pioneers of heavy metal music, often credited for their rendition of "Summertime Blues." The band's name was inspired by a popular laundry detergent and a potent LSD variety.

Similar to *Iron Butterfly*, *Leaf Hound*, and *Vanilla Fudge*, Blue Cheer has left an indelible mark on the rock music scene. Their influential sound has resonated with fans worldwide, inspiring other bands such as *Sir Lord Baltimore* and *Frijid Pink*. With their unique style, they have captivated audiences alongside acts like *Captain Beyond* and *Cactus*.

Other notable performers that share similarities with Blue Cheer include *Quicksilver Messenger Service*, *The Amboy Dukes*, and *Country Joe & The Fish*. Fans of psychedelic rock will also appreciate the musical stylings of bands like *The Pink Fairies* and *Atomic Rooster*. Additionally, groups such as *Josefus*, *Bloodrock*, and *Bang* offer similar energetic vibes.

If you enjoy the blues-infused rock sounds, you'll find common ground between Blue Cheer and artists like *[The Groundhogs](https://www.example.com/artist/the-groundhogs)*, *[Spirit](https://www.example.com/artist/spirit)*, *[Moby Grape](https://


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