Buzzcocks is a legendary punk rock band formed in February 1976 by Pete Shelley (real name Peter McNeish) and Howard Devoto (real name Howard Trafford). They quickly gained attention with their energetic performances, but it wasn't until July 1976 that they solidified their lineup. With Pete Shelley on guitar, Howard Devoto on vocals, Steve Diggle on bass, and John Maher on drums, Buzzcocks began making waves in the punk scene.

Over the years, Buzzcocks went through several lineup changes and hiatuses. Despite not releasing any studio recordings during certain periods, they continued to tour and captivate audiences with their raw sound and powerful lyrics. In 1992, they performed a series of gigs in Europe without any recorded material.

Pete Shelley's untimely death in December 2018 marked the end of an era for Buzzcocks. Throughout their career spanning over four decades, Buzzcocks left an indelible mark on the punk rock genre and influenced countless musicians. Their music continues to resonate with fans worldwide as a testament to their enduring legacy.


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