Chuck Jackson

Chuck Jackson was an American soul/R&B singer born on July 22, 1937 in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He began his career in the late 1950s and achieved his first hit with "Any Day Now" in 1961. Throughout the years, he recorded singles for various labels including Scepter Records, Motown, ABC Records, and Wand Records. Although he didn't experience as much success in the 1970s as he did in the previous decade, Chuck continued to make music and collaborate with other artists such as Gary U.S. Bonds. His vocals can be heard on two of Bonds' hit albums. In the 1980s, Chuck signed with EMI America and later recorded two singles for Motor City label.

Throughout his career, Chuck Jackson has been often compared to artists like Major Lance, Marv Johnson, Maxine Brown, Kim Weston, and many others who were part of the soul/R&B scene during that era.

Please note that Chuck Jackson should not be confused with producer/songwriter Chuck Jackson (born 1945).


Chuck Jackson
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