Clock DVA

One of the first groups to arise during the formation of the Sheffield Electronic Scene, Clock DVA was formed in 1978 by Adi Newton after his departure from The Future. Inspired by Anthony Burgess' novel 'A Clockwork Orange,' their name means 'two' in Russian. Originally focused on experimental music inspired by science fiction and the occult, Clock DVA later embraced industrial and electronic body music. With a lineup that has evolved over time, they have released several albums and have recently reactivated with new material and performances at major electronic festivals.

The band's early releases included privately produced cassettes, some of which are now collected in the 'Horology' boxed sets. They gained recognition with their cassette release "White Souls In Black Suits" on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records label. Clock DVA's sound evolved to align with their contemporaries outside of the Sheffield scene, leading to collaborations with various musicians.

In 1981, Clock DVA released "Thirst," produced by Ken Thomas. After this album, Newton & Turner decided to take the band in a different direction and parted ways with some members who went on to form The Box. Tragedy struck when co-founder Steven James Turner passed away. Despite these challenges, Clock DVA continued as a trio and released albums such as "Advantage" and "The Delivery." Their work showcased experimentation with ambisonics and psychoacoustics alongside visual elements.


Clock DVA
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