Deee-Lite was an American house and club/dance group formed in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. Led by vocalist Lady Miss Kier, the trio fused various genres like house, techno, rap, ambient, and funk music. Their outrageous visual flair, influenced by the Lower East Side's drag-queen community, earned them a following that transcended racial and sexual boundaries.

In 1990, Deee-Lite debuted with their album "World Clique", featuring their best-known single "Groove Is in the Heart". The album became a crossover smash with hits like "What Is Love?" and "Power of Love". They toured extensively opening for artists such as Grace Jones and Prince.

Their 1992 follow-up album titled "Infinity Within" showcased openly political songs about the environment, safe sex, and democracy. Lady Miss Kier won the Environmental Media award in 1992 for her contributions to raising awareness. DJ Ani joined the group for their sensual third album "Dewdrops in the Garden" released in 1994.


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