Desert Sessions

A series of recording sessions convened by Josh Homme from 1997 to 2003 and then revived in 2019, primarily at Rancho De La Luna, a house in Joshua Tree, California filled with recording equipment and instruments. The sessions feature Homme along with the house's owners Dave Catching and Fred Drake, as well as many other musicians from the Palm Desert / Desert Rock / Stoner Rock scene contributing to the series. During the sessions, songs were written on-the-spot and recorded quickly, lending both a freshness and roughness to the tracks. Some songs were later re-recorded by Homme's main group Queens Of The Stone Age.

Vol.1 - Instrumental Driving Music For Felons features Josh Homme on various instruments accompanied by John McBain on various types of guitars, David Catching on bass, Alfredo Hernandez and Blank Bjork on drums, Fred Drake on various instruments, Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden on bass and Pete Stahl from Scream, Goatsnake and Earthlings? on vocals.

Vol.2 - Status: Ships Commander Butchered features Josh Homme as Carlo with the same line-up as Vol.1 minus Fred Drake who is only credited as engineer.

Vol.3 - Set Co-Ordinates For The White Dwarf!!! features 2 tracks by The Desert Sessions (Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, John McBain on guitar, Ben Shepherd


Desert Sessions
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