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Eternal Tapestry

Portland, Oregon-based psychedelic rock group Eternal Tapestry was formed in 2005 by Dewey Mahood and Nick Bindeman. The duo later welcomed Jed Bindeman on drums in 2006, completing the lineup. With their unique blend of mesmerizing sounds and experimental compositions, Eternal Tapestry has carved a niche for themselves in the music industry.

Inspired by a diverse range of artists such as Mugstar, White Hills, Lumerians, and Carlton Melton among others, Eternal Tapestry's music takes listeners on a captivating journey through layers of intricate melodies and mind-bending sonic landscapes.

With their extensive discography and dynamic live performances, Eternal Tapestry continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers within the psychedelic rock genre. Their distinctive sound has garnered them a dedicated fanbase worldwide while solidifying their position as one of the leading acts in contemporary psychedelic music.


Eternal Tapestry
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