American rock band Filter was formed in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio. Led by the talented Richard Patrick on vocals, guitar, and bass, the current line-up also includes Oumi Kapila on guitar, Ashley Dzerigian on bass, Chris Reeve on drums, and Bobby Miller on keyboards and programming.

Over the years, Filter has seen various changes to its line-up with former members including Phil Buckman, Mika Fineo, Rob Patterson, Alan Bailey, Frank Cavanagh, Matt Walker , Kane Hazzard (2003-2006), John Spiker, Brian Liesegang, Stevens Gillis (1999-2002), Geno Lenardo, and Mitchell Marlow.

Influenced by a range of genres such as alternative rock and industrial rock, Filter's music is often described as powerful and dynamic. Fans of bands like Stabbing Westward, Black Light Burns, Orgy, Days Of The New, ASHES dIVIDE, Gravity Kills, Local H, Fuel, Sponge, How To Destroy Angels, Toadies, Powerman 5000 Sevendust Bush Vast White Zombie Earshot The Union Underground Taproot and Cold are sure to appreciate Filter's unique sound.


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