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Fly Pan Am

Fly Pan Am is a Montreal-based rock quintet formed in 1996. They emerged alongside other instrumental/experimental rock groups such as Exhaust, *Godspeed You! Black Emperor*, and *The Shalabi Effect*. Known for their melodic ear and (de)construction approach, Fly Pan Am draws inspiration from French pop, krautrock, minimalism, and musique concrète in punk rock. After four releases of chiming instrumental rock from 1998–2005, the band went on hiatus in 2006. However, they reformed in 2018 with their original members and released the album "C'est ça" in 2019.

With influences ranging from *Hangedup* to *Tortoise*, Fly Pan Am's music resonates with fans who appreciate intricate interweaving guitar and bass lines propelled by insistent motorik drumming. Their sound captures the unfulfilled possibilities of minimalism while embracing experimentalism.

If you enjoy artists like *1-Speed Bike*, *Do Make Say Think*, or *Labradford*, then Fly Pan Am is a must-listen for you. Their unique blend of genres creates an immersive musical experience that will leave you wanting more.


Fly Pan Am
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Album artwork for C'est ca by Fly Pan Am

C'est ca

Fly Pan Am

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Fly Pan Am

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