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Francis Lung

Francis Lung is a talented musician known for his unique blend of indie rock and pop. With influences ranging from WU LYF to Dutch Uncles, his music captivates listeners with its catchy melodies and introspective lyrics. Having previously been a member of the band WU LYF, *Francis* has established himself as a solo artist, gaining recognition for his soulful vocals and intricate songwriting.

His sound can be described as a fusion of alternative rock and dream pop, creating an atmospheric and ethereal listening experience. Drawing inspiration from artists like BC Camplight and Penelope Isles, *Francis* brings a fresh perspective to the indie music scene.

With his latest album release, *Francis* continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. Collaborating with notable musicians such as Andy Bell and Gruff Rhys, he demonstrates his versatility as an artist. Whether performing intimate acoustic sets or energetic live shows, *Francis Lung* never fails to leave audiences in awe.


Francis Lung
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