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Good Morning

Good Morning is a two-piece recording project hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Comprised of Stefan Blair (Gemini) and Liam Parsons (Aries), the duo formed in 2014. With two EPs, Shawcross and Glory, along with various singles and their debut album "Prize//Reward," Good Morning has made their mark on the music scene.

When performing live, they are joined by James Macleod (Libra) and John Considine (Sagittarius). Together, they have captivated audiences in the United States, as well as the east coast of Australia and Ballarat. Notable career moments include being compared to *Mac DeMarco* frequently and having Urban Outfitters request to play their music in stores.

If you enjoy artists such as Loving, Brad stank, infinite bisous, Banes World, No Vacation, Crumb, Jakob, RICEWINE, Boyscott, Cosmo Pyke,Mild High Club The Buttertones Mellow Fellow TEMPOREX Triathalon HOMESHAKE Michael Seyer Travis Bretzer Inner Wave or Hector Gachan then Good Morning's unique sound will surely resonate with you.


Good Morning
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