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Graham Lambkin

Graham Lambkin is a London based multidisciplinary artist and publisher. He is known for his work in various artistic mediums, including music, visual art, and publishing. Lambkin runs Kye, a record label that focuses on releasing experimental and avant-garde music.

His unique approach to sound manipulation has garnered him comparisons to artists such as Kassel Jaeger, Kevin Drumm, Lucy Liyou, Giuseppe Ielasi, and many others. Lambkin's work often explores the boundaries of traditional musical composition by incorporating found sounds and unconventional techniques.

With an extensive discography spanning over several decades, Graham Lambkin has established himself as a prominent figure in the experimental music scene. His collaborations with artists like Philip Jeck, Yellow Swans, Delphine Dora, and The Shadow Ring have further showcased his versatility and innovation.


Graham Lambkin
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