HooverIII (pronounced "Hoover 3") is an artist who started out as a solo project for Bert Hoover. He wrote and performed all songs prior to the release of their self-titled album and Guillotine single in 2018. The live shows during this period consisted of a drum machine, Bert on guitar and vocals, and fellow bandmate Frank Maston taking on bass duties. Later, Eliot Lorango was brought in as keyboard/synth player for live shows. A new full band was formed before the release of the self-titled album, which now includes Bert on guitar and vocals, James Novick on synths, Gabe Flores on guitar, vocals, and saxophone, Mike Petzinger on bass, bass synth, and vocals, and Shaughnessy Starr on drums.

The first cassette release by HooverIII is called Quest for Blood. It is a compilation of almost all tracks from their initial digital-only releases Vol. I-IV. Two tracks were excluded from the cassette but are still available digitally via Bandcamp along with all subsequent releases.

Experience the unique sound of HooverIII's music through their self-titled album and other releases that blend various instruments to create an unforgettable listening experience.


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