Joe Simon

Joe Simon (born 7 September 1936, Simmesport, Louisiana, USA – died 13 December 2021) was an American soul and R&B singer, record producer, and songwriter. He began his professional career in Oakland, California with the release of "My Adorable One" in 1962. Joe met a Nashville-based disc jockey who guided his musical path and helped him find success on the R&B charts. His smooth delivery and poignant songs like "Teenager's Prayer" and "The Chokin' Kind" solidified his place in the industry.

In the early '70s, Joe moved to a new label where he continued to have hits with songs like "Drowning In The Sea Of Love" and "Step By Step." However, as disco gained popularity in the late '70s, Joe shifted towards dance music which received mixed reviews. In 1980, he returned to Nashville and focused on local labels.

During the '80s, Joe made a return to country soul when he joined another label. He later signed with a different label in the mid-1980s. After losing his longtime collaborator Richbourg, Joe turned away from secular music and became an evangelist preacher devoted to Christianity.


Joe Simon
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