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John T. Gast

John T. Gast is an enigmatic artist known for his boundary-pushing music and experimental soundscapes. With a diverse range of influences, including *Toxe*, *Klein*, and *Space Afrika*, he has carved out a unique space in the electronic music scene.

Gast's sonic creations defy categorization, blending elements of ambient, techno, and avant-garde to create immersive and captivating compositions. His tracks are characterized by intricate layering, unconventional rhythms, and haunting melodies that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

Collaborating with artists such as *Young Druid* and *Emma DJ*, Gast has established himself as a sought-after producer within the underground music community. His work resonates with those who appreciate bold experimentation and a willingness to challenge conventional norms.


John T. Gast
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