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Jonny Trunk

Jonathan Benton-Hughes, also known as Jonny Trunk, is a British writer, broadcaster, DJ, and label owner. He founded Trunk Records in 1995 with a focus on releasing interesting music from obscure sources. Jonny is not only an obsessive record collector but also an occasionally brilliant bed-time composer.

If you enjoy the sounds of artists like Basil Kirchin, Belbury Poly, Vernon Elliott, or The Advisory Circle, then you will definitely appreciate Jonny Trunk's unique musical style. His work draws inspiration from a wide range of performers such as Bernard Estardy, Kenny Graham And His Satellites, Nino Nardini, and John Baker.

With influences ranging from Eden Ahbez to Raymond Scott and Pierre Cavalli to Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Jonny Trunk's music captures the essence of vintage vibes mixed with contemporary creativity. Whether you are a fan of Alan Parker or Pram, his compositions will surely captivate your ears.


Jonny Trunk
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