Julianna Barwick

Julianna Barwick is a highly acclaimed artist known for her ethereal and captivating music. Her unique soundscapes, created through the layering of her own voice, have earned her comparisons to artists such as Grouper, Benoît Pioulard, and Stars Of The Lid. With influences ranging from ambient to experimental, Barwick's compositions transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

Barwick's music has a mesmerizing quality that draws in audiences with its delicate beauty. Her ability to create lush sonic landscapes using only her voice is truly remarkable. Each track she produces is an immersive experience that invites listeners to lose themselves in the rich textures and dreamlike atmospheres she creates.

Collaborating with artists like Brian McBride, Windy & Carl, and Tim Hecker has further showcased Barwick's versatility and artistic vision. Her work resonates with fans of ambient music while also appealing to those who appreciate more avant-garde styles. Whether performing solo or alongside other talented musicians, Barwick consistently delivers performances that leave audiences spellbound.


Julianna Barwick
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