Junior Murvin

Junior Murvin was a Jamaican reggae singer and musician. Born Murvin Junior Smith, he grew up in Port Antonio until the age of 13 when he moved to Montego Bay. In 1967, he relocated to Trenchtown and began his singing career under the nickname "Slash" with the Hippy Boys. He later joined various bands such as the Falcons, the Tornadoes, and Young Experience. In 1976, he recorded the single "Police and Thieves" at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio, which became an international hit. Sadly, Junior Murvin passed away on December 2nd, 2013 due to complications from diabetes.

During his career, Junior Murvin's distinctive voice and infectious rhythm captivated audiences worldwide. His iconic song "Police and Thieves" reached #23 on the UK Singles Chart in 1980.

Despite his untimely death, Junior Murvin's music continues to be celebrated for its contribution to reggae culture.


Junior Murvin
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