Khemmis is an American doom heavy metal band from Denver, Colorado formed in 2012. Their debut record, 'Absolution,' earned the group critical praise from the underground music scene and allowed them to start gaining recognition. With subsequent albums like 'Hunted' and 'Desolation,' Khemmis garnered widespread acclaim, earning spots on various "best of" lists and even landing on the US Billboard charts. In 2019, they signed with Nuclear Blast Records. While they have experienced some lineup changes over the years, their current members include Phil Pendergast on vocals/guitar, Ben Hutcherson on guitar/vocals, and Zach Coleman on drums.

Known for their powerful sound and captivating performances, Khemmis has drawn comparisons to other notable doom metal bands such as Conjurer, Spirit Adrift, Pallbearer, Monolord, and Bell Witch among others. Their unique blend of heavy riffs and melodic elements sets them apart in the genre.

Despite facing challenges along their journey as a band including lineup changes and evolving musical landscapes, Khemmis continues to push boundaries within doom metal. With each release, they captivate audiences with their raw talent and ability to create emotionally charged music that resonates with fans around the world.


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