Las Kellies

Las Kellies is a post-punk band hailing from Argentina. The trio consists of Ceci Kelly on guitar and vocals, Betty Kelly on bass and vocals, and Sil Kelly on drums and vocals. With their unique blend of punk, rock, and pop influences, Las Kellies have carved out their own distinctive sound in the music scene.

Inspired by artists such as ESG and Dum Chica, Las Kellies bring a fresh energy to their performances. Their catchy melodies combined with powerful lyrics create an immersive experience for listeners. Known for their dynamic stage presence, Las Kellies have gained a reputation for delivering electrifying live shows.

If you enjoy the sounds of bands like Las Robertas or Playa Nudista, then you're sure to appreciate the music of Las Kellies. With each member contributing their unique talents to the mix, this Argentinean trio continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their infectious tunes.


Las Kellies
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