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Molchat Doma

Molchat Doma is a post-punk, synthpop, and new wave band hailing from Minsk, Belarus. Formed in 2017, they have become one of the prominent figures in the Belarusian post-punk scene and have played a significant role in the resurgence of Eastern European cold wave music.

With their unique blend of genres, Molchat Doma has captivated audiences with their haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from bands like Lebanon Hanover and Motorama, they have carved out their own distinct style that sets them apart.

If you enjoy artists such as Ploho, Human Tetris, or Boy Harsher, then Molchat Doma's music will surely resonate with you. Their discography showcases their talent for crafting dark yet catchy tunes that leave a lasting impression on listeners.


Molchat Doma
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